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Half of the previous comments are crazy. Its a very good app.

slow autoscroll

Iphone 6 plus (iOS 8.1) a very slow and uneven auto-scrolling. Can you fix it?

No cloud support

Cannot access my eBooks from my Google Drive account. No cloud file storage options, and cannot login to Google using the built in web browser.

Sign into App Store??

This is my favorite book reader app for iPhone. But since the latest version, it now asks me to sign into the App Store every time it starts up. Please fix!

Some technical issues

The new update claims to fix random crashes at the beginning of reading. However it adds another issue - every time I start the software it asks me to enter my AppStore password in a pop-up window. Something new and should not be like that! It seems the program crashes while in the background because if I start it after some time after reading a book it will load from the beginning rather than just open the book as it used to be. Still if I need to change the screen brightness I can not see the result until I quit an unnecessary large settings window.... Reading experience is great on iPhone 6 and I hope the technical problems could be resolved. Still my favourite reading program.


The knew version keeps crashing. I catnt open it. Please return the old version. I have the latest iPad

My One and Only

its simply working perfect.

Great app

Thank you for the retina update! This is an amazing app. Please add the ability to share file/open in from other apps!

Room to improve

Pro: star dict integration. Con: it lacks morphology support. The work around is to use suggestion which brings in some irrelevant words. #1 issue is some books cause the app crash and some books are stuck in starting reading and frozen. once crash happened, open library becomes impossible, the app exits by itself. The only way to recover is delete app and re-install. The app should gracefully handle exception, if any book is ill formatted, the app should warn and the book should be allowed to be deleted. #2 issue is the style editor is confusing and complicated. Suggest a quick editor to allow background color, text font size color, margin and line size space, leave the rest to the fiddlers. #3 issue: when selecting a hyphened word, only the letters up to hyphen is selected.


Exactly what I was looking for. I installed a whole heap of dictionaries, including the dict.cc database which is relatively easy to compile from the text file available in their website.


I love it! Great app and super easy to use!

crash on start / can

subj. :(

Crash on start

Crash on start (iPod touch 2G iOS 4.2.1)

Useless on new iPad

Text is all blurry. One star till it fixed.

Doesnt work

Selection of text does not work for Thai language. Cant select words in text.

Broken features, support lacking

Bought this for the Calibre support, too bad it can only sense the server not actually download anything ( Stanza works just fine in same environment ). The developer site looks like they have all but abandoned this app ... Apple really needs a "try before you buy" system.

On balance worth it

This is a very polarizing app: people either love it or hate it. My experience with it has been good; Im now using it more than Stanza. Its extremely fully featured and does, unlike how some reports here would have it, work with Calibre as well as several other methods of uploading books. Its Styles feature is very powerful although its italic and boldface are buggy. The memory limitation is dumb, but for me the worst feature is the total unresponsiveness of the vendor. You send messages: they completely ignore them.

Has Problems

After a few pages, the page back stops working. Going back to preferences and reseting the tap zones, sometime will start it working, but it will do it again soon.

Piece of crap!!

I am extremely pissed. After 3 hrs of fiddling and searching for help online i have discovered a few important things. This program has NO support. This program fails to do ANYTHING it advertises. The publisher wont even list it clearly on their website. It does not work with Calibre. It will not group by author. It crashes like a drunks bumper car. Save the $5 and look elsewhere for your stanza replacer.

Works well but crashes on iOS5 when browsing ODPS libraries

I was one of the afflicted and lost Stanza after the iOS5 upgrade. I still think Stanza was the best reader for the iPhone by far. I like the way the display is customizable (though it seems so much harder to do than Stanza). I also like the full-screen aspect of this. However, it seems to crash when browsing online catalogs - I havent managed to download anything yet. Stuffing ebooks into it from iTunes works well. Some other ones to look at are probably shubooks and megareader.

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